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The economic and social well-being of communities is greatly affected by their physical environments.

At GREENER STOCK, we acknowledge the obligation to protect and preserve our physical environment.

Moreover, we seek out partners who demonstrate that same commitment.



We are continually challenging ourselves and our partners to:

  • Minimize pollution and energy consumption
  • Keep up with ever-changing programs, technologies, and building materials
  • Achieve environmental sustainability through third-party verification



  • Indoor environmental quality: filtering of air; the mix of indoor/outdoor air; and prevention of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) via the selection of materials and cleaning agents.
  • Energy efficiency or low energy consumption: selecting light fixtures; insulation; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; ventilation systems; doors; appliances; and windows
  • Protection of natural resources: efficient building systems; use of recycled and rapidly renewable materials; and smart delivery of materials to the job site.

  • Site sensitivity: protecting existing vegetation; orientation of the structure; management of stormwater; landscaping; construction and demolition debris removal; and recycling
  • Water efficiency: selecting plumbing fixtures and appliances; reusing wastewater; and efficient irrigation

We believe in continuous improvement, and we are constantly challenging construction methods and procedures, staying abreast of new technologies and evaluating life-cycle costs. Our dedication to Transitional Real Estate encourages us to Repair, Reuse, Recycle...

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